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a life made of machines

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a life made by machines
17 October
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i need to update this information.

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about me
i am obsessive and neurotic. given the chance, i will immediately rearrange a series of objects to reflect order of the spectrum, but this is where my compulsion ends. i always have dirt under my fingernails and have to consciously remind myself to wash my hands after i use the bathroom.

i'm a design nerd with delusions of artistic talent. i like to write.

i enjoy music and surround myself with people who do as well. it was only within the last few years that i realized some people do not share this obsession.

i grew up in a small town in michigan, and at 23 drove across the country to be with a man i met in chicago eight months earlier in one of the largest cities in the country. this is not as adventurous as it seems. (or maybe it is.)

i am blessed with the most amazing relationship with said man. he is as narcisistic and self-important as i am and we are getting married in 3 months. together, we hide from the rest of the world in our one bedroom apartment, making comics, spoiling our kitten and complaining about how hot it is.

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