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a life made of machines

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Jul. 28th, 2005 @ 11:49 pm
Tod: Is there a lot of rivalry between the Tigers and the Green Bay Packers?
Corey: uh.. no.
Tod: is it because Green Bay kicks their ASS?
Corey: no, it's because the Packers play football, and the Tigers play baseball.
Tod: Lions, Tigers, Bears, whatever.
Corey: The Bears are Chicago.
Tod: what about the Green Bay-seballers?
Current Mood: tired

ach ach achem Jul. 26th, 2005 @ 12:20 pm
As you may or may not know (those are your options -- You do, or you don't know) I like online flash games. I play a lot of 'em. I play enough of them, in fact, that I can generally click my way through the ones that are only in Japanese by guessing where the "play" button (as opposed to the "instructions" button) is. This one, aptly titled, "Fun Game 2" is a good one. An interesting enough twist on a tired concept. I got to level 10, with 366,200 points, or whatever the Japanese word is for points.

Today is a trip to the beach, as soon as everyone gets their ducks in a row. (Metaphorically, I mean. None of us have ducks, and even if we did, I doubt they'd want to come to the beach.) A real day off, a day for relaxation the old fashioned way (that is, not involving bong hits.) I'm sick, and am going more for the sun and social aspects than the water.

But first -- burger king!
Current Mood: hungry
Current Music: Hot Hot Heat - Middle of Nowhere

..because I'm gonna... Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 06:42 pm
It's been a tough day. I purposely messed with my birth control cycle a week or so ago (so I wouldn't be, you know, menstruating on my wedding night) and the chemical imbalance is kicking my ass. But that's ok. As I said once before, there is no "cure" to this, there is only learning to work through it.

The wedding invitations are addressed, stamped, stuffed and ready to go into the mail. Despite this momentous event, I'm unmotivated and easily distracted. Trying to get freelance work done and being met with disinterest, if not defeat. I managed to slug through enough to get to a point to where I have to wait for an email reply, so hopefully that will put things off enough for tomorrow. Slugging through has shown me, however, that I'm having a good drawing day. Unfortunately, the rest of my to-do list for the day is clerical.

Speaking of clerics, *ahem* there's a new version of Grow (the original is the best fucking flash game I've ever played.) with an RPG spin on it. I've maxed out all but two of them, but didn't spend too much time playing.

My sister called. Jordan and I are getting closer than ever in new "grown-up" land, and she's been calling me a lot for advice lately, which makes me feel useful. I'm so excited about our friendship and getting even closer after we move back.

More auctions to do. I still haven't touched the budget proposal. I haven't eaten.

At least I'm drawing well.
Current Music: The Hives - Hate to Say I Told You So

no more sad stories coming.. Jul. 24th, 2005 @ 07:33 pm
I am named after a beautiful song. I've spent the last 3 hours or so cleaning my kitchen (I mean really cleaning) and singing along to Harry Chapin songs... This song used to make me cry when my dad would drive me home at the end of a weekend spent at his house. I suppose it wasn't the song that made me cry, as much as the situation and the profound depth of my twelve year old experience. I always felt like my dad wanted to say something, but didn't know the words. Harry Chapin's writing seemed to do fine, and I've always loved the song.

I seem to recall that in middle school, when forced to write a paper on a "hero" I chose Harry Chapin. Funny that even then I would choose a man with a dedication to his craft and work ethic that inevitably killed him. A man who took to doing things differently and gained an incredible closeness and loyalty with his fanbase as a direct result. I'd be interested to read the paper, assuming it exists.

A lot of wedding planning done today. Good talks with Sarah. Deep cleaning. Playtime with Rocky (who was sick and is now much, much better.) Soon, dinnertime and getting a proposal for the Scooterboy 12:34 book done. Maybe finally watch Star Wars (V) if Leslie will let us use her lap top.

Tomorrow: finishing and mailing the invitations, mail-order and sending out the Scooterboy stuff, more cleaning, more playtime with Rocky. free lance project. buttons.

mmmm.. the vibration of six metal strings.
Current Mood: satisfied
Current Music: Harry Chapin - The Rock

should pretty boys in discos distract you from your novel... Jul. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:53 pm
leslie: i need to finish my drink.
corey: you need to finish your novel.
Current Mood: drunk
Current Music: The Magnetic Fields - Come Back From San Francisco
Other entries
» a shortened update - a SHUTdate, if you will.
I've realized haven't posted much in the last, oh, six months or so. One of the major reasons, I think, is because a lot of time has been spent planning the wedding. After so much of my life being made public over the last five years, I'm quite apprehensive to let anyone from "The Internet" in on such planning. This revelation was made after some deep digging into my subconscious, however, so if that doesn't make much sense, I'm sorry.

I no longer work at Sea World. Outside of a Labor Day weekend spent doing Caricatures at Cedar Point, I will never work for anyone other than Young American Comics ever again. I am a work-at-home Mom, if only for Rocky for now.

The wedding is in less than 2 months now, and it's quite surreal realizing that I will be "Mrs. Parkhill." I couldn't be happier, however. The wedding itself is going to be amazing. We've afforded ourselves every last detail to make sure that it will be the wedding of our dreams, because we're only planning on having one. It's going to be the sort of wedding that I would love to attend.

We will be honeymooning in Northern Michigan, camping, hiking, relaxing.

We will be living in Lansing and working full-time for Young American Comics, doing caricature parties on the side for extra money.

We will get to spend Christmastime with my family.

We will travel South to see his family in February and/or March.

In April, we will take off on our year long tour. We will spend a year on the road making and promoting Independent Comics.

Sometime close to the end of the tour, we will begin our family.

After the tour, we will finally pick a city to stay in, put a down payment on a house, and start making plans for the Comic Shop/Studio.

We'll raise our children, and run our business, and God willing, (and with His help,) we'll always be this happy.

Yeah, I think being Mrs. Parkhill is going to be pretty good.
Evidentally I've grown up lately. Or, at the very least, the things that are enraging my friends (or at least my livejournal friendslist) aren't pissing me off. In fact, the fact that they're enraging my friends list, is.

1.) Reagan is awesome, and I'm impressed that he won, and American didn't just pick the obvious choices of George Washington, Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. Reagan kicked everyone's ass at being an American by being not ONLY influential in the means of politics, but also popular in the means of fame & movie-making. Tell me that's not the real american dream. Also: he was a good husband, he avoided assasination and he did important things for the economy. That's good enough for me. Go Regan, and Go Americans for actually putting a little bit of fucking thought into the survey.

1.5) shut the fuck up about the survey being run by AOL. AOL probably has a better sampling of this country than any other company. and you use AIM, don't you. so shut up.

2.) Quit bitching about this Nike thing. If Dischord made a poster that said "JUST DO IT PUNKSTYLE" no one would blink, but as soon as it's the other way around, it's Nike taking advantage of all of these poor companies. Well those poor companies need to get lawyers if that's the case, and take it to court. That's what Nike would do if it were the other way around. I'm completely tired of bullshit punk "companies" that only want the real rules of business when they apply in their own favor. Run a real business, or be a punk. You can't do both. I'm sorry. It's nice to have business ethos, but it's also nice to have a fantasy football league. unless you're running your business in a fantasy world, you're going to have to play by the real rules some times.

Anyway, back to the Nike thing: there are Parody laws. this is an obvious PARODY. They reshot the photo, and changed one word. That's good enough for all of the "Booger King" and "Old Gravy" Shirts, and it's good enough for you, too. Remember when those were funny? (ok, me neither.) but at least most of them are clever. and if I were running an ad campaign for a festival called "Major Threat" and wanted something clever and remarkable, a parody of Minor Threat might cross my mind.

Something else you probably haven't considered is that the person who headed this up is PROBABLY a minor threat FAN. You see, some of their fans (more than likely ones that liked them you know, when they were playing, even) have grown up and gotten real jobs and are Advertising Execs. They were probably thinking, something along the lines of "How cool will it be to have an homage to this band I used to love." and not "I'm TOTALLY going to RIP OFF this band, and TOTALLY GET AWAY WITH IT."

If you want to take the ridiculousness a step further, is Dischord really the one who you should be worried about here? What about the band themselves? What about the photographer who took the picture and designed the 7" cover? Is the copyright still theirs? OH GOD DISCHORD IS TOTALLY RIPPING THEM OFF. HOW CAN YOU LIKE ANY BAND THAT IS SIGNED ONTO A MAJOR LABEL. OR A MINOR LABEL FOR THAT MATTER. I'M SO PUNK I DON'T BELEIVE IN CONTRACTS. OR PAPER.

Obviously, I'm being a little tongue in cheek here. I don't think that Nike made the best business decision for using the image without considering the legal repurcussions, or that Dischord is making the best business decision by making statements like, "they stole it and were not happy about it. They're a huge corporation [waah waaah WAAAH.]" But I'm also trying to be blunt and perhaps a little insulting. It's really cool to hate the man when you're in high school, but afterward, you either do something about it, or you give it up. The Internet gives us an awful tool and provides a comfortable space for us all to be "desk chair activists" by posting how much we hate things in our blog. and fuck if it does any fucking good. You unhappy with this country? Do something about it. otherwise, shut the fuck up.
» suddenly, everything has changed....
it's amazing how things change so fast and suddenly, everything fits into place.

tod and i are moving to michigan september 1st, to stay for the winter. we think we can afford to support ourselves out there and still be able to save some money. the idea of being back in michigan is almost surreal -- but it's going to be incredible to be somewhere that feels like "home" again.

there's a lot more going on, and i'm way overdue for an update.

the long and short of it:
my last day at sea world will be july 10th. (i'm telling them today.)
we get to drive across country again. (we'll take a different route this time.)
christmas with my family, and some more time with his family before the tour.
doing caricature parties for the holidays in jackson/lansing/etc.

more updating soon.
» two things of great import:
1.) i got a new phone. this is not so important, but the fact that i have a doogie howser, m.d. ringtone, is.

2.) tod and i bought a kiddie pool to put on our back porch because we are awesome.
» eh
lately, my livejournal habits have been poor at best.

i'm sorry.

a lot of the stuff that's been going on has been stuff for the company or stuff for the wedding.

both are going well, but for some reason, i haven't felt comfortable talking about either.

maybe tonight

if you'd like a wedding invitation, please email me your address. i still have a few from christmastime, but i know a few people have moved.

more update-age soon.
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