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a life made of machines

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PLEASE help us! Nov. 1st, 2005 @ 01:57 pm
Ok guys. This is it. We have just a little over a day left for this. The votes are coming in strong, but the other contestents are getting entire classes and office buildings to vote for them. We really need your help. You help us win, and I promise comics over at p_x_l. the real comic that I'm working on, but also short little fun ones that I've been doodling, too. Whatever it will take.

ask people on your buddy list. post in your lj. ask people at YOUR school or office building. anything you can do would be amazing, and if nothing else, i promise that i'll do the same for you if you ever enter a contest like this.

Here are the pictures again:

click here for 5 more!Collapse )

Click Here and vote for Tod and Corey Marie! Every single vote will help us get closer to winning!

Thank you all so much.

Add the new blog, Vote for our living room! Oct. 27th, 2005 @ 02:51 pm
Hey kids, I just wanted to make one more post to let everyone know that I have a new blog. In case you missed it the first time, please add p_x_l.

Secondly, Tod and I have entered our living room into a contest on apartmenttherapy.com (which is awesome.) If you go and vote for us, we have a chance of winning a $3,000 shopping spree. Please vote and tell your friends! Every vote gets us closer!



new city, new name, new life. Oct. 2nd, 2005 @ 01:03 am
it's time for a new journal.

i won't be deleting this one, but i won't be posting in it any longer.


those of you who still read, plz add.
Current Music: Figurine - Our Pure Efficiency

today's the day Sep. 17th, 2005 @ 10:43 am
i'm... getting married today.

more plans and stuff Sep. 11th, 2005 @ 08:33 pm
update the first: the scooter was found! someone turned it in yesterday (or late last night, rather) and even though it's trashed and will need to be fixed, it's back. we're very happy about that.

update the second: the tenetive bachelor/ette party was wednesday night, but we've realized that a ton more people will be in town on thursday, and there's nothing going on that night anyway. so, thursday night. if you can read this, you're invited. so, thursday, the temple club, lansing. girls and boys invited. there are a ton of dj's that night, plus $3.50 jager bombs and $3.00 long islands. need i say more? $5 at the door for 21+, a little more for 18+
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» (No Subject)
The last two weeks have been some of the most trying in my life. Not hard times, just frustrating. There have been some great moments mixed in between all of the disasters, but still.

We left two weeks ago today. We were supposed to hit Tuscon that night. We managed to get about two and a half hours worth of drive time in -- over the first two and a half days. First, the brakes to the YACmobile caught on FIRE. Then we ran out of gas (because of the brakes seising) and then we blew two tires. We were stuck in the hellhole that is El Centro, California until Sunday. on Sunday, we left in a Uhaul. We had to leave the YACmobile in El Centro, where it still is. (we think.)

The Uhaul trip was pretty uneventful. We made it to Michigan on Wednesday night, and then rented a car to drive to Cedar Point on Thursday. We worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and while the money was pretty good, the town of Sandusky sucks and is full of spiders. We stayed at some crappy dorms and I got sick starting on Saturday. I had no voice for Sunday or Monday.

Came back into Jackson Monday night. We actually spent a couple of nice days getting some wedding stuff done and having fun around town.

Then this morning, my dad woke us up asking where the Vespa was. It was stolen. We reported it to the police, and took some fliers around town, but it's hard to be optimistic when every one we tell says that they've had stuff stolen here, too.

We're working this weekend at Frontier's Day in Charlotte, so if anyone is going, come see us.

We get married next weekend.

Sarah gets here on Monday.

We found a place today, and applied for it. We really like it, and hope that getting it will be the good luck that we deserve at this point.

The kitty is fine, even though he doesn't like my dad's dogs.
» A B C-ya , San Diego!
well, this is it.

we're getting ready to go, only slightly behind schedule, but still making good time.

the trip will go like this:

San Diego -> Tuscon(ish)
Tuscon -> Roswell
Roswell -> OK City
OK City -> St. Louis
St. Louis -> Jackson

Then we'll unpack a little bit, spend a day or so around Lansing, then cruise down to Sandusky for Labor Day weekend.

we should have Internet on the way, and will be posting, but in a different blog. More on that later.

Wish us luck!
» (No Subject)
Burning CD favors and half way through realized 2 songs didn't end up working.. not important ones, though, all of the most meaningful ones are on there, so at least there's that... and we figured it out halfway through instead of after they were all done.. there's nothing worse than getting an incorrect track list with a cd, especially if you aren't familiar with the bands... i love this cd and all of the songs on it, and i love working on these wedding comics and i'm just so nerdily happy.







corey: i didn't realize we put transatlanticism [our sad song] and such great heights [our happy song] right next to eachother.
tod: it's ok.
corey: yeah, we'll just have a ben gibbard flavored wedding.

tonight: the aristocrats
tomorrow: dinner with all of the san diego crew
wednesday: final packing, etc.
thursday: we OUT.


» I'm freakin' superman!
Ok, thanks to Brian, I've spent the last hour or so flying around the Earth.

Google Earth is about the coolest thing ever.

We are totally using this on the tour.

I'm a little peeved that you're limited to ONLY Earth, but I guess it IS a beta.... (kidding.)

It's crazy fun to fly from San Diego (Where you can totally see our caricature booths at Sea World) to the freakin' pyramids in Egypt.

Eiffel Tower? Yup.
Grand Canyon? Freakin' awesome.

I could do this all day. Give me more cool things to go find! (You have to give the city they're in)
» the dorms
Last night I went to karaoke with Leslie and Anne. Tod stayed at home because he wasn't feeling well. I've only gone out once or twice without Tod since I moved out here, and certainly not in some time. It reminded me of that scene in Garden State where he's sitting on the couch and everything was happening around him -- I couldn't help but watch all of the people having fun and asking myself why I couldn't just relax and enjoy other people's company in such a way. The obvious answer is the absence of alcohol (Tod and I aren't restraining, but we're not buying any until we move to help save a little extra money.) but it seems to be more than that: My negativity towards people and general ego keeps me from really having fun more often than not. This is a good safety net, and I can see where it is valuable, but on a night where I'm trying to have a good time, mentally judging everyone around me only hurts me.

A fine young gentleman (who is a regular and asked where Tod was) bought the three of us drinks. He and I spent most of the night chatting, and it was really fun to have a conversation with someone who was genuinely interested in me (not interested, just interested in what I had to say.) It was good conversation, and a good mixed drink, and the night picked up quite a bit. My naivety wins again, it seems, because at the end of the night Leslie commented that he only bought drinks for she and Anne so he could buy one for me. I realized then that he'd spent the night talking to me, while they retreated to the patio for a smoke (Anne.) An adolescene of harshly felt unrequited love and a post-adolesence spent first behind a computer screen and then in comic shops has given me a flawed self image, or at least a non-specific one. When I commented to a sleepy Tod about the situation, he said, "well, you're the most approachable, and the cutest." His bias aside, it's hard for me to consider myself "the cute one" in a group.

In the apartment days, I randomly started chatting with a girl I had gone to high school with. While we were never friends, we shared many classes together (I was in the "High Potential Youth" group, and the same 20 people were in the vast majority of my classes.) After catching up, we started talking about school and who had done what since, and revealing what we really thought of eachother in simpler times. She confided that she was jealous of me because "all of the boys liked your ass."

This was a revelation for two reasons: First, I had no idea any guy in high school found me attractive, even though I had relationships. I chalked it up to randomness, being at the right place at the right time, and finding someone who was desperate or foolish enough to want to date me. Add that to the fact that, with few exceptions, every guy I dated was at least a class lower than I was, and never "popular," even in his own class. The glaring exception to this rule was my first boyfriend who was a class older than I was, and a football player. (He was also in marching band, and would come on the field at half-time to play in his football jersey, sans pads.) I dated the football player for exactly one month, one week, and one day, which resulted in my first kiss, a travesty that I rushed home to cry about. A string of unpopular boys with questionable heterosexuality would follow, providing me just enough security to cheat on them.

The second part of the revelation was that I had an attractive ass. Raised by a mother who was constantly trying to lose weight, I thought my ass was "fat" and knew my hips only as "too big." I was a skinny 120 pounds for most of my formative years, with no breasts to speak of, and never once did I think this was a desirable body type. I was told by a boy in third grade that I had a "big butt" and had never let that go. Seventeen Magazine provided little help, as I was too busy rebelling against brand name labels to realize that more expensive clothes, for the most part, fit better. It wasn't until I met Tod that anyone ever told me that they liked my ass.

When we graduate high school, things are supposed to change. We're supposed to shed the person we were, as we go to college, live in dorms with people we've never met (sex) and find new ways of self-expression (drugs) and have fun (alcohol.) When Tod and I recount our pasts, we're pretty even as far as high school goes. We both shared the unattainable crush (though he got closer to his than I did mine) and the bus trips to band events spent exploring newfound sexuality. But when it gets to college, we veer. He went to the dorms -- at an art college no less -- and I to a community college with no semblence of a course of study. I took classes, he went to college.

Sexual freedom, keg parties and a hit of acid are not things I desire, but I somehow feel cheated. I wonder whether or not college would have provided me with the ability to have fun in a mixed group of people. Already feeling slighted by a stomach that can't handle beer, at parties I stand around uncomfortably, hoping there's something in the refrigerator to mix some rum into. Unable to take advantage of draft beer specials, Tod and I shell out more money so I can drink at social settings. No one says as much, but I'm certain that they're chiding me in their heads for not starting to drink sooner. Anne accuses me of lying when I tell her that I've only slept with two people in my life. I wish it were only one, but conversely fear that I may someday resent my husband for having a more expansive history than mine. Hangovers, bad trips, one night stands -- these are not things that people WANT and yet somehow I feel like I haven't gotten what's meant to be mine.

Meeting Tod was my dorms experience. I began drinking, I smoked and I had sex. I decided I wanted to drink coffee. I listened to new types of music. I found new ways to express myself. Incidentally, it was the first time I felt secure enough to not cheat on someone I really cared about. The relationship has also contributed to finally feeling more attractive, and coincidentally, taking better care of myself and dressing better. I (almost) like my ass.

One month, one week and one day remain and then I will be marrying him. The wedding has been meticuously planned together and we've been complimented for every detail so far. Everyone loves our invitations, and we think to ourselves, wait until they see the theatre. We've put together the mix of the music that best describes these last two years -- the work it took to be together, and how much it was worth it. We've carefully written our vows together, finding the perfect balance of God and our families to string the words together. In one month, one week and one day, we will stand, looking at eachother as we hear these very words spoken. We'll be frozen in time with everything around us happening.

If my relationship thus far with Tod has been my college experience, then this wedding is without a doubt graduation day. How lucky am I to have such a future laid out before me -- my career as wife and mother has already been applied for and approved. I will start immediately and can dress however I'd like for work. My boss suggest something that shows off my ass.
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